Letter from Founder

Welcome to the Yoga Station Community,

Welcome to Yoga Station,

I hope my story offers even a glimmer of hope to those looking to make a change.

Yoga Station emerged from the transformative power of overcoming challenges, a profound gift in life's journey.
After enduring more than a decade in the demanding tech industry, I reached a critical turning point. The grueling hours, immense stress, and a battle with infertility had taken their toll. It became evident that I had become trapped in an unrelenting cycle, unable to escape the chaos of life. In May of 2019, my husband's career led us to Redding, CT, leading me into an unfamiliar territory with few local friends or family for support. In the midst of this, I frequently found myself thinking, "Where do I go from here? Who even am I?”

In my quest for connection, I turned to the Redding 411 Facebook page, a treasured resource in our tight-knit community. It was there that I discovered Saraswati Yoga Joint in Norwalk, CT—a sanctuary where I discovered peace, clarity, and a sense of direction. This studio became the embodiment of the community I had been longing for. I later went on to pursue my dream of becoming a yoga teacher at this studio.

Although I had found a group of new connections, it still wasn't our local community of Redding,CT. In January of 2023, I took to my journal and outlined all of the things I valued the most in life. This included building community, being of service to others, living and guiding people in a healthy lifestyle and sharing this with as many people as possible. This revelation and leap of faith gave me the courage to leave my career and create Yoga Station.

I wholeheartedly believe that our most formidable obstacles can guide us to our true selves—the individuals we were destined to become. As a result, this journey led me to discover one of life's greatest gifts of all: the value of community.

I hope that Yoga Station offers you support and guidance towards all that you are seeking in life.

With care & love,
Whitney Coccaro

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