Do I need to bring a mat and props?

No, we provide complimentary clean, quality Manduka Pro Mats in our studio. These mats are closed-cell, which means they are hygienic and won’t absorb sweat. We also provide yoga blocks, Manduka bolsters, straps, and alpaca wool blankets.

But, if you prefer your own mat, you are welcome to bring as well!

What is Yoga Station studio etiquette?

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the class starts. Entering the class during our centering can be disruptive to the teacher and other students. Please wait until the centering is completed before entering the room.

No personal belongings in the yoga studio other than water and a towel.

Strictly no phones are allowed in the yoga studio. Please place your phone on silent upon entering the studio and store in the reception area.

Please observe silence while in the yoga rooms.

Please commit to staying in the room for the entire class. Take Child's Pose or lie down and chill if you need a break.

Please bring a good vibe!

What is the cancellation policy?

Our booking system and cancellation policy is in place to ensure everyone has an equal and fair chance to practice.

If you can no longer attend a class, please consider your fellow yogis and cancel your booking as soon as possible. We understand that things come up, so cancellations made up to 4 hours before the class start time won’t incur a penalty. The class will be automatically added back to your pack (if applicable).

Booking cancellations must be made via our app or website. We can’t accept phone, email, or social media cancellations.

Students using a Class Pack who book a class and cancel less than 4 hours of class start time will forfeit their class. Students using a Class Pack who book a class and fail to attend will forfeit their class.

Students on unlimited memberships who book a class and cancel less than 4 hours before the class start time will incur a $15 late cancellation charge. However, all members will receive one waived late cancel charge per 30 days - we think that’s a good vibe. Please note we do not waive late cancel charges for events and masterclasses. Students on unlimited memberships who book a class and fail to attend will incur a $20 no-show charge.

If there are extenuating circumstance, please email us at info@yogastation.com.

How can I create an account and book a class?

We recommend downloading the Momence app; it’s the easiest way to create an account and manage your class bookings. You can find it in your app store or by googling "Momence App".

You can also sign up and book classes via a web browser if you prefer by clicking here.

If you'd prefer not to book ahead of time, you can sign up in the studio, but please understand that we cannot guarantee you a place in the class.

Is it okay if I have never done yoga before?

Absolutely! 'Foundations of Vinyasa, ' 'Slow Flow Vinyasa,' and 'Yoga Nidra' classes are a great place to start for a beginner. Please let the teacher know you are new to yoga and always practice at your own pace. We are so glad you have decided to try us out!

How do I get to Yoga Station?

We are located at 4 Old Mill Rd, in Redding, CT. It is a dark blue building on the corner across from Wiremill BBQ. There is a parking lot to the side of the building that offers plenty of parking.

We are located within Elevation Fitness, so enter through the front door of the building and you will see a sign on our door for Yoga Station.

Please feel free to call us if you are having trouble locating us!

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