Welcome to Yoga Station

Your place to move, rest, and restore along your journey

Yoga Station is grounded in the creation of an inclusive environment where movement and community come together to empower everyone to be their truest self.

Our goal of opening our studio at 3 Side Cut Rd, Redding CT in Fall 2023 has been one of unforeseen obstacles, but the good news is that we still plan to open in that location. We are now anticipating a spring 2024 opening. (We promise it will be worth the wait!)

In the meantime, we will be launching Yoga Station at 4 Old Mill Rd, West Redding, CT 06896 (within Elevation Fitness in the heart of Georgetown.) Our goal in this space is to begin to bring our community together through yoga in a convenient location during the winter months leading up to opening in our permanent location in the spring.


Core Values: FACT

Welcome to our yoga community, where we live by four core values

Fluidity: Life is a constant journey, and like yoga, it’s about gracefully adapting to change, nurturing growth, and finding balance in the ebb and flow of existence.

Community: We create an inclusive space where unity and acceptance thrive. Here, like-minded individuals come together to lead healthier, more balanced lives, both physically and mentally.

Authenticity: Our space encourages everyone to align their actions, beliefs, and values with their true selves. We celebrate uniqueness, acknowledge strengths and weaknesses, and value authenticity above all.

Trust: Trust is the foundation of our practice and community. It forms meaningful connections within ourselves and with others, underpinning everything we do.

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